Presentation Types

Constellations (Poster Presentations) 45 minutes 

The poster presentation session will be an interactive event in which individuals or groups of two present their research on posters. The recommended poster size is 24” x 36” and shall be of professional conference quality. Presenters should be prepared to answer any challenging questions regarding their research.


Supernovas (Workshops) 45 minutes

The workshop sessions will consist of presenter/s teaching various skills to attendees through hands-on training, spirited discussion, and active learning. Each workshop can be as formal or informal as the speaker desires. Interactive materials are welcome but will not be provided.


Meteor Showers (Oral Presentations) 50-minute sessions, 15 minutes per presenter

The oral presentation sessions will allow presenters to discuss and show their research. The presentation may include audio or visual aids. Presentations will be organized into panels based on research similarities. If you have a predetermined panel, please note that in your form.